1. #tbt to when I was with my little buddy who walked just a few days ago! Missing him today. #kissable #nephew #BabyLoganSilas

  2. We are in carrefour!!! We cant stop smiling. We are sad to leave our new friends in Fond Des Blancs but we are happy to reunite with others! #butterflies #kontananpil

    We are in carrefour!!! We cant stop smiling. We are sad to leave our new friends in Fond Des Blancs but we are happy to reunite with others! #butterflies #kontananpil

  3. Complete signal loss #haiti #worldcup  #dontscorewithoutus

    Complete signal loss #haiti #worldcup #dontscorewithoutus

  4. What @callmepheebs and i took to Fond Des Blancs #5seater #ruralhaiti #othersideoftheisland #whenwewereyoungandwewerenotafraid

  5. Brazil just scored #brazilbrazilbrazil #cheeringfromallsides #weneedatv

  6. We made it!

    As we were in the airport about to board our plane to Haiti, Nicole had the thought that made us giggle: “we are going home.” We stepped off the plane and went through customs in the beautifully remodeled airport that once was just a crowded open room with desks. We no longer had to search for our luggage piled on the floor behind a rope. I saw on the wall the word “lespwa” meaning hope. My soul agreed. As we stepped out with our cart towering with luggage we were greeted with many smiling faces, kisses, and a series of “koman ou ye?!” (How are you?!) from all of the people I love.

    Now, we have officially been here a day and a half. We gave ourselves a day to recoup from jetlag and from 48hrs with little to no sleep. In that time we have been able to see and speak with many of our friends, as well as start our collection of mosquito bites. (We are putting on deet, dont worry). Today we are going to be gathering our funds and planning our next few weeks as well as (hopefully) getting a sim card for our phone here so we can start coordinating some things.

    Pray for us as we plan that we will be wise and that doors would be opened for us to accomplish what we have set out to do. Pray for our friends here as some are going through some especially heavy times of sadness, hunger, and worry, to put it lightly. Pray for our health that we act responsibly to keep ourselves away from illnesses that could send us home early.

    We are happy. We are full of love. We are growing.


  7. i have been sad all day. constantly to the point of tears. i feel like the last episode of the 10th doctor where the final moment he says “i dont want to go.”

    now that is not necessarily true, I do want to be in haiti. but I don’t like having to leave everything else behind.


    I am absolutely terrified. I don’t know what the heck I am doing. I don’t exactly know what the heck im scared of which makes me think that my fear is for no reason except to trip me up.

    i just need a good cry. I have pent up all of the sadness expecting to let it out tomorrow but there is too much of it that it’s overflowing into today.

  8. instagram:

    Centering in on Architecture with @_f7

    To see more photos and videos from Yoshito, follow @_f7 on Instagram.

    "My job is to create things, which is probably why I find manmade objects more interesting than things in nature," says Kanagawa Instagrammer Yoshito Hasaka (@_f7). Working as an application designer in a Tokyo-based company, Yoshito is constantly inspired by the cityscape and the constructions of various shapes and sizes that fill the city. On Instagram, he likes to challenge himself to fit as many details from a building as he can into one small square photo. “I am not a professional in architecture or photography, but when I put myself in the shoes of the people who created the space, I can make my own interpretation of where the most appealing point of the scene is intended to be.”

    Yoshito likes to keep the building front and center when shooting architecture. He finds a point that cuts straight through a given space and aims to bring the vanishing point to the center while capturing the entire scene. “I naturally find myself shooting from the front of things,” explains Yoshito. “I want to preserve that towering, enclosing impression of buildings, and I think I can best express that by looking at them straight from the front.”

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